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Founded in 1958 by Tan Cheng Long, a chinese immigrant, Hock Hoe Lee is the long standing original coffee roaster on the island. Fleeing civil war from homeland he started off in Phuket by setting up shop near Jui Tui shrine selling fresh roasted coffee to tin mining workers. As words about his 'magic bean' spread out, the coffee became well known among Phuketians. In late 60s


'Ko Boon', Cheng Long's oldest son, continued the coffee legacy with his masterful roasting craftmanship trained by his father. Thanks to knowledge he had when studying in Penang, Boon pioneered variety of coffee & tea. At the same time Boon began selling products countrywide to meet spiking demand.


When Boon's first daughter 'Ja Ea' finished studying from the States, Hock Hoe Lee eagerly entered 3rd era. Ea set up new production shop and brought Hock Hoe Lee into modern day coffee business. Hock Hoe Lee now offers various kinds of premium coffee & tea.




Located at the west coast of Thailand, Phuket is the largest rainforested, mountainous island of the kingdom. Phuket enjoys its rich and colorful history dated back to 16th century, mentioned in ship logs of Portuguese, French, Dutch, and English traders. In early years, Hock Hoe Lee relied its coffee supply mainly from Penang.


As Thais started to grow coffee, and transportation was built bridging Phuket to other southern provinces, Hock Hoe Lee was able to buy Thai coffee bean to use for its coffee. Most coffee was from nearby while little harvested on island; virtually all of them were Robusta coffee bean. Today majority of Hock Hoe Lee coffee bean come from Northern and Southern Thailand combined. 

“HOCKHOELEE masterfully roasts its own coffee on island for Phuketians for decades. Using premium coffee bean around the country, HOCKHOELEE craftly create a unique, rich and beautiful local coffee.” 


HOCKHOELEE offers wide variety of coffee and also plently of specialty products. It gives you tasty coffee, and memorable coffee experience.

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