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Specially made for Arabica lovers. The second signature coffee from Hock Hoe Lee. 100% northern Thailand  premium grade Arabica coffee bean. This coffee gives an exciting deep aromatic feel, mild body. A lighter feel, silky smooth finish coffee. Beautifully flavor and softly fruity. Well-known for ‘Arabica only’ to our customers


Roasting Level: Full city roast ( medium-dark roast )
Origin: Single origin, 100% highland arabica Thai coffee bean
Character: A deep aroma, rich flavor, medium body, softly fruity and silky finish coffee.


+ Wholebean, select whole bean if you have
equipment to grind coffee bean. For best result
we recommend grind coffee before brewing

+ Fine Ground Coffee, select when
use with espresso machine

+ Coarse Ground Coffee, select when use with
french press, drip coffee, filter coffee brewing