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The Original Phuket Coffee Roaster

Found 1958 in Phuket town by Cheng Long, a chinese immigrant,
the store is located next to Phuket town's fresh market.
HOCKHOELEE began selling fresh roasted coffee to tin mining workers.
As words spread among Phuketians, it becomes popular across the island.
In late 60s' it began producing Phuket tea by using Ceylon tea leaf.
HOCKHOELEE tea surprisingly became widely famous among Phuket islanders,
just like its fresh roasted coffee.
In 2011 decades later, by the 3rd generation of the family,
it has started roasting premium coffee for espresso drinks.
'Beautiful coffee' is what people refer to HOCKHOELEE
Phuket's first & historic coffee roaster

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from our 4 signatured coffee.

Organic, Premium Classic, Arabica Roma
& Espresso Premo

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'Awesome Coffee'

HOCKHOELEE masterfully roasts its own coffee on island for Phuketians for decades. Using premium coffee bean in the country, HOCKHOELEE craftly create a unique, rich and beautiful coffee.

'Go Local'

Uniquely rich in its story, HOCKHOELEE brings exotic touch along with its exceptional quality & design to wherever it is presented.

'Love it'

HOCKHOELEE offers wide variety of coffee and also plently of specialty products. It gives you tasty coffee, and memorable coffee experience.

Enjoy HOCKHOELEE coffee
at Chalong-Rawai store location

Open everday
Mon-Sat 7.30-18.00
Sun 7.30-17.00

Specialty Product


Drip Coffee

Personal drip coffee set. Come with drip stand. You only need hot water to brew our coffee. Hot drip, or Dripped ice coffee!

French Press

Ground coffee packaged in foil packet to preserve its freshness and easy to use. 1 packet can brew 1-2 cups of coffee.

Phuket Kopi

Traditional Phuket coffee style! Or coffee sock. Our classic product since the beginning of HOCKHOELEE! Easiest to brew, just drop in hot water and enjoy!

Cold Brew

Brew from our Organic Coffee, using cold process, this coffee gives a whole new dimension of coffee. Ready to drink. Strong, refreshing and amazingly tasty.

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Original Hock Hoe Lee shop locate in Phuket town. The coffee shop is located at Rawai. Click to see map and details.